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Visualize your goal to realize it

Visualization is the secret of successful living. Visualize negative and destructive things and you face failure. Visualize positive and constructive things and you reap success.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz has shown that visualization is the mainspring of our actions. Says he, “A human being always acts and feels and perform sin accordance with what he imagines to be true about himself and his environment.”

Albert Einstein is on record that visualization is more important, vital than knowledge. The latter can be inert while the former is springy and active. It leads one on.

Romantic poet, John Keats, has also said: “I am certain of nothing but the truth of imagination. What imagination seizes as beauty must be Truth.”

The three quotes from diverse fields and disciplines shows these are no exaggerations, flights of fancy or feverish statements.

Think of stone-deaf Beethoven, “hearing” Ninth Symphony inside him and then putting on paper for coming generations! Miracles can be brought about but one has to work for them! They are realization of powerful visualization.

It is not only Wordsworth’s Daffodils – ‘The bliss of solitude’, Shelley’s If winter comes, can spring be for behind’, every piece of enduring music, scientific achievement, the result of illuminated consciousness.

The faculty which enables one to see the goal picture is visualization. Human mechanism then begins to work on it. It is wrongly assumed that one acts or fails to because of will power. In reality, it is the strength and completeness of the visualized goal that goads one on. Weak and incomplete visualization results in half-hearted realization.

Emile Coue produced astonishingly positive results. His basic thinking comprised: idea accepted by the subconscious produces outward results. A paralyzed patient would thus move his “dead” arm. It was visualized as an act actual fact by the patient.

For success in life, think success, see success on your mental screen, replace failure images with success images, and see the positive pictures materialized. Change the mental picture and you change your life story.

Readers must have seen athletes, long-jumpers and high jumpers achieving results, which once they thought were unattainable. Edmund Hillary did not conquer Mt. Everest; he first conquered his imagination!

I have known a chess player who “plays” only in his mind. When opportunity comes, he plays his moves well as he is already practiced. This is creative visualization in role-playing- a noted and tired method in many spheres of life.

“Role- playing “ in simple words is visualization of situations then acting out in the mind, imagining what to do, and say, in what way when time comes in real life. This is called “skull practice.” Many actors and actresses go through “skull practice” before a life-size mirror. The point is that they must visualize the picture of what they want to do before they perform before the camera.

Alexander Pope puts it: “Strength of mind is exercise, not rest.”

When an aspiring young man( or woman) begins to clearly see his goal, his nursed ambition, his creative mechanism takes over and propels him (her) in that direction. When there is a conflict between imagination (visualization) and will power, the former wins.

From my teaching experience, I can quote numerous instances of even “mediocre” students who believed in themselves and kept their eye constantly on their goal and struggled to reach it. Most out-classed the “brilliant” ones.

Conviction in your ability to do something well comes with action. Think cool. Let it brew in your mind, which will complete the picture of your vision. Act on your vision.

You will get that savoring feeling, which flows from a deed accomplished- success.

Er. CL Kapoor

T.P.O(SITM Rewari)

Psychology of Recruitment

Any recruitment exercise has a strong element of perception in addition to the various processes which eventually aid the building of the former.

A future professional would be someone who would be equipped with

  • Innovative with business acumen
  • Quick on the grasp
  • Instinctive ability to network
  • Unbridled ambition

A professional armed with these psychological traits would certainly be a blue eyed boy for any organization.

All out emphasis and effort should be made to inculcate these traits in the students.

Lastly, in the current onslaught on ethics, character and human values, these traits are extremely important and relevant for the future professionals.

All these traits are duly impressed upon by the recruiters in the incumbent professionals in addition to the skills & abilities to perform a particular function.

You might recollect the incident from the movie 3IDIOTS when Raju Rastogi should be imbibed by our future professionals.

90% of them are not ready for even recruitment .We go to rural colleges rather than urban colleges.

Provide skill training rather than focusing employability training.

CL Kapoor TPO SITM Rewari.