Psychology of Recruitment

Any recruitment exercise has a strong element of perception in addition to the various processes which eventually aid the building of the former.

A future professional would be someone who would be equipped with

  • Innovative with business acumen
  • Quick on the grasp
  • Instinctive ability to network
  • Unbridled ambition

A professional armed with these psychological traits would certainly be a blue eyed boy for any organization.

All out emphasis and effort should be made to inculcate these traits in the students.

Lastly, in the current onslaught on ethics, character and human values, these traits are extremely important and relevant for the future professionals.

All these traits are duly impressed upon by the recruiters in the incumbent professionals in addition to the skills & abilities to perform a particular function.

You might recollect the incident from the movie 3IDIOTS when Raju Rastogi should be imbibed by our future professionals.

90% of them are not ready for even recruitment .We go to rural colleges rather than urban colleges.

Provide skill training rather than focusing employability training.

CL Kapoor TPO SITM Rewari.

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